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How to Plan

The first step to a kitchen remodeling project is planning. This process begins with an assessment of the existing kitchen layout, ideal preferences, essentials, and other important details.

The existing layout and preferences will dictate your kitchen remodeling options to a great extent. For instance, if you are planning for a gourmet kitchen, such a kitchen requires professional appliances, specialty storage, and durable surfaces. Family-friendly kitchens need a safe space for everyone. The planning process should include these considerations and clear goals guided by your preferences.

You can begin the planning process by thinking of the kind of food you wish to be prepared, special cookware/appliances you want and own, storage needs, number of people cooking at any given time, etc.

How to Budget

Kitchen renovation projects should fall within budget. To ensure this happens, have a figure in mind. You can also research for average pricing and be flexible since last-minute changes or incomplete designs are inevitable and bound to add costs.

It's important to have a list containing negotiables and non-negotiables. Having options is critical for controlling overspending. For instance, it is possible to save on appliances and countertops. You can choose laminate over granite countertops to save on cost. It's also possible to save on cabinetry material i.e., veneer over solid wood. For tiling choose porcelain over natural stone tiles.

The reason for remodeling should also be a consideration when budgeting. For instance, when remodeling to sell your home, you can spend more. However, the budget should be dictated by the home value. Generally, the budget should be 6-10% of the home value to enjoy some returns.

How to Choose Materials

In kitchen remodeling projects, you need to source for four main things, namely, flooring, countertops, appliance, and cabinetry. Your choice when choosing should be dictated by the reasons behind remodeling and your budget.

Besides matching the preferred style and offering variety, kitchen flooring should be durable (withstand foot traffic) and spills. It should also be safe (non-slip and easy to clean). When choosing cabinetry, think about your kitchen size, floor plan, different cabinetry looks and layouts, storage needs, etc.

When selecting countertops, the most popular options are granite or laminate. Some people also choose concrete or quartz. Popularity and affordability aside, consider what you can achieve. While expensive countertops can add to your home's resale value, you can do the same with affordable engineered countertop options that mimic the real thing.

When choosing appliances, there are mid-range options that offer the look and performance of high-end appliances. You should be guided by your budget first before considering other factors like preferences and layout.

How to Hire & Manage Pros

To guarantee success in a kitchen remodeling project, you need expert help to merge your goals, preferences, budget, etc., together into reality. Kitchen remodeling involves many professionals i.e., designers, contractors, architects (in some cases), plumbers, etc., that must be managed to meet the end goal. When choosing experts, consider legitimacy (licensing), expertise (certification and experience), referrals, and insurance.

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